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customised art


The origami crane represents many things to many people. Including peace, Love and loyalty. In reality a crane chooses only one mate throughout its life - representing true commitment to it's chosen mate. The origami crane has been included in many wedding ceremonies for many centuries because of this - In History a Japanese bride would fold 1000 paper cranes and present them to her groom on the day of the wedding to show her commitment and loyalty. This idea has been adopted by both men and women from all cultures to offer the same sentiment to their partners.

A twenty two folds piece is an amazing wedding or engagement present because of this history and symbolism.  We can use Paper cranes to personalise your event/ gift in many ways. Some of them are below


INVITATIONS AND PLACE SETTINGS - Have names printed on the wing and use paper cranes as your PLACE SETTINGS, Print the date on the wing and send Cranes as “SAVE THE DATE”.

We don't only do wedding invites !  If you are looking for something different,  we can fold anything you need for any occasion. We had the pleasure of working with Dr Jenny Brockis for the invitations to her book launch of "FUTURE BRAIN" (above) - The guests were then challenged at the event to try and fold the invite (with a little help from Melanie!)  We can also work with organisations in corporate training exercises using similar folding techniques. Check out the 'Book Melanie' page to find out more. 

WEDDING/SPECIAL BIRTHDAY-  As an activity at your wedding have your guests write on pieces of paper, collect them and we can fold them into cranes creating a personalised bespoke art piece for your home to commemorate your special occasion. A great gift to organise if you are parents of the bride and groom or as a collective bridal party gift.

ANNIVERSARY - First wedding anniversary is PAPER - married with the symbolism of the crane, you can customise a gift for you and your partner. Print your vows on the paper, handwritten notes/poetry on the paper, Collect important items from your first year of marriage and have them folded up ( airline tickets, wine labels, theatre tickets, invitations etc) or print photos on paper to fold


"Twenty Two Folds created a beautiful, custom made keepsake for us to remember our wedding day.  Melanie has been incredible to work with - she understood what we were looking for and went the extra mile to make it perfect.  We are so grateful to have such a gorgeous piece to treasure forever.  Thank you!"      

                                                                                                                                                                             -  Kat and Courtney