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about twentytwofolds

Twentytwofolds is the gift to give when words alone can't say enough.

Our gift pieces are designed to INSPIRE, instill HOPE, say CONGRATULATIONS,  give THANKS and make WISHES. Each twentytwofolds piece comes with a statement outlining the symbolism of the origami crane and, should you choose, can be gift wrapped and given straight to the recipient with a personalised message. 

Each piece is lovingly handmade in FREMANTLE, WESTERN AUSTRALIA and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Every design is born from the inspiration of the story below. We hope you love your purchase and cherish the offerings it brings for many many years to come. 

We can customise pieces to whatever your heart desires. Call us to discuss your needs today


How twentytwofolds came to be

I was taught to fold origami cranes by my Japanese teacher when I was in year 3. She was also the first person to teach me that if one was to fold 1000 paper cranes, they would be granted their heart's desire. 

so i set out on my way to fold those 1000 cranes, motivated to acquire something along the lines of a toy or game i had my eye on! it took me 11 years to fold my cranes, but then as a 19 year old, that toy was no longer relevant. my life to date was doing pretty well. i was over confident at that age, i thought i was ten foot tall and bulletproof. i could do it on my own. i had begun modelling, was running my own successful business, playing national basketball and was surrounded by amazing people; life was good. so the cranes were put away for a rainy day, along with my ‘wish’ to be used later down the track should i want for something that seemed beyond my personal capabilities.

a few months later my mother was diagnosed with cancer. it started in her breast but had spread into her lymphatic system, so things were not looking too good. being a positive family and never shying from a challenge we all fought the battle together. i witnessed my mum’s extraordinary strength at a time when she was bald and blue and there didn’t seem much hope, but then by some miracle, she was finally in remission.

soon after her recovery mum took the time to sit us all down and tell us that she wasn’t confident she could fight the monster again if it was to ever come back.

a few years passed and we got on with our lives, subconsciously hoping everything would remain ok. then that phone call came, just 3 days before my little brother turned 21 - there was another huge tumour. 

it was then i knew what i was to do with my cranes. i dug them out, painted them gold and mounted them in a huge box frame.

i presented them to my mum at my brother’s party. it simply stated ‘make a wish’. the next day my mum had an operation to remove the tumour, followed by a short round of radiation tablets.

that was 14 years ago and my mum is alive and well and has never been healthier. it was then i had truly found the magic in these cranes and this became the start of the journey to where i am today.

Mum and I on my Wedding day - April 2011.

Mum and I on my Wedding day - April 2011.